Once I brought my issues to The Bloom Firm, which involved an overseas entity, their professional and efficient manner of doing business brought a favorable and surprisingly swift outcome to my situation. Thank you, Thank you, Lisa, Braden and staff. It was a pleasure working with you!!! -Phoebe Beasley
“In court or on the air, Lisa Bloom is a superstar – for both viewers and clients.” 
“Lisa Bloom is one of America’s top lawyers. Nationally recognized, Lisa knows her facts and has a brilliant analytical mind. She’d be the first attorney on my list if I ever needed legal counsel for any personal issue.”
“Lisa Bloom is the thinking woman’s lawyer. If you are a businesswoman, a woman who has suffered discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace or just need a champion in the courtroom, this is the lawyer you want standing by your side.”
“Lisa Bloom and The Bloom Firm have represented me for over four years. As a businessman, I demand top quality representation. I have hired many attorneys across the country and find the work performed by The Bloom Firm to be top quality. They are highly intelligent, professional and fearless. I recommend their services to anyone […]
“Feisty, articulate, and driven — she qualified for the Boston Marathon . . . a personal intensity and a fierce sense of outrage about women’s and civil rights, child welfare, and the abuse of power.”
I just received a phone call from one of your attorneys with whom I discussed my earlier contact message of last week. I was very positively impressed by Lenore Riegel. She’s great! The ONLY purpose of this message is to state my appreciation for the phone call mentioned above. I can see that there still […]
“As Lisa’s mother, my completely unbiased opinion is that Lisa is one of the finest lawyers in the country.”
“Service was excellent. I rate The Bloom Firm at 100 plus. From day one the firm made me feel right at home. The environment was comfortable, warm, and very welcoming. The Bloom Firm fought hard for me to get justice and we did! From this day forward, I will consider The Bloom Firm a part […]
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