“As Lisa’s mother, my completely unbiased opinion is that Lisa is one of the finest lawyers in the country.”
Gloria Allred, high profile victim’s rights attorney
“Feisty, articulate, and driven — she qualified for the Boston Marathon . . . a personal intensity and a fierce sense of outrage about women’s and civil rights, child welfare, and the abuse of power.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer
“In court or on the air, Lisa Bloom is a superstar – for both viewers and clients.” 
Jeffrey Toobin, author, The Nine, CNN Legal Analyst
“Lisa Bloom is one of America’s top lawyers. Nationally recognized, Lisa knows her facts and has a brilliant analytical mind. She’d be the first attorney on my list if I ever needed legal counsel for any personal issue.”
Jane Velez-Mitchell, host, Issues with JVM on HLN.
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