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The Bloom Firm News January 22, 2015


Once again, The Bloom Firm is proud to represent a prestigious client engaged in a high-profile lawsuit. Our client, Michael McCarron, is one of the most accomplished and respected labor union leaders in the country. A union carpenter since 1978, Mike was elected president of Carpenters Local 1506 in 1996, and shortly thereafter as Executive […]

The Bloom Firm News January 20, 2015

The Supreme Court’s New Gay Marriage Case Tests MLK’s Dream of True Equality

Originally posted on Huffington Post by Lisa Bloom How fitting that just before Martin Luther King Jr. weekend our Supreme Court justices agreed to decide whether our constitution requires all 50 states to recognize same-sex marriages. As Dr. King said the night before he died, “All we say to America is be true to what […]

The Bloom Firm News January 16, 2015

Why Woody Allen gets Amazon deal as Bill Cosby’s contracts are cancelled

Woody Allen has just signed a deal with Amazon to create a new television show for the web giant. Just last year Mr. Allen was publicly shamed by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, who wrote a compelling open letter about her allegations that Mr. Allen sexually abused her at age seven, two decades prior. That […]

The Bloom Firm News January 9, 2015

It’s not over in Ferguson: 3 formidable legal moves against prosecutor Bob McCulloch

I have written extensively about injustices in the process that resulted in the no indictment decision for police officer Darren Wilson in the August shooting of unarmed teenager Mike Brown. Many have asked: what can be done about them? Now we have an answer. In a series of new maneuvers, formal legal complaints have now been […]

Bloom Firm represents Bill Cosby Accuser Janice Dickinson

“We are pleased to announce that we have been retained as litigation counsel for Janice Dickinson regarding her claims against Bill Cosby. Ms. Dickinson has been devastated by Mr. Cosby’s recent attacks on her in the media, through his attorneys. Ms. Dickinson has worked hard all of her life to earn her well-deserved international recognition […]

The Bloom Firm News November 18, 2014

In the rape accusations against Bill Cosby, no justice

More than a dozen unrelated women claim that Bill Cosby raped them. Some of them have come out publicly, using their own names and granting interviews. Earlier this week, Barbara Bowman wrote for The Washington Post, reminding us that she has said publicly since 2004 that Mr. Cosby raped her in the 1980s, when she was just 17 years […]